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Recently Italy became the first country to block the use of ChatGPT due to privacy concerns. This occurred after a user reported a data breach, including personal conversations and payment information. Italian authorities thus found ChatGPT violative of GDPR laws and decided to ban its use altogether. 

However, Italians are not happy with the move. People, especially students, and professionals, face difficulty without the AI chatbot and are searching for ways to use ChatGPT in Italy. We bring all the ways for you through which you can use ChatGPT. Read the guide to find out. 

How to use ChatGPT in Italy 

4 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Italy

There might be a geo-restriction ban on using OpenAI’s ChatGPT in Italy. However, certain tricks and methods can save the day. Before we begin with the discussion, please note using any of these methods might result in a potential violation of any rules or regulations and may generate legal implications.

Therefore, being careful while using any of these methods is advised. And if you want to save yourself entirely from any risk, alternatives to ChatGPT, such as Google Bard or Bing AI, are always available.  

Using VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most commonly used way to access any website or server that might have been blocked in your region or country. VPN helps users change their virtual location, provides an encrypted server, and hides people’s IP addresses so their actual location cannot be detected. VPN protects people’s identity even when using a public network; nobody can detect their location. 

VPN, thus, enables people to use websites anonymously even when they might have been blocked in their country. Many VPNs, such as Tunnel Bear, Turbo VPN, NordVPN, Express VPN, Proton VPN, etc., can be used. 

Here’s how to use ChatGPT using any VPN:

  • Go to any VPN’s website and subscribe by creating an account. 
  • Install the VPN application on your device and run it. 
  • After installation, sign up or log in and then choose any preferred protocol. 
  • Now choose the country and server you want to be visible, and voila! The VPN is now successfully running. 
  • Run ChatGPT, and you might be able to do it effectively. 

Tor Browsers

The Tor browsers are used to anonymize your web traffic, making it possible for you to protect your online identity and browse privately. It blocks any plugins that try to see or access your IP address. Tor browsers are available for both mobile and PC and available on Windows., Mac and Linus. 

Here is how to use ChatGPT using Tor:

  • Download Tor from the website- “” 
  • Download the “.exe file”. 
  • Complete the installation on your device by extracting the application. 
  • Once installed, run the browser. 
  • Now use ChatGPT using Tor. 

Proxy Servers

These intermediaries protect the websites from accessing your device information, thus allowing you to browse privately. It enables easy access to restricted websites by meddling with the person’s device and internet connection.

So, when you use the internet using a proxy server, the IP address of not your device but the proxy server will be shared, thus allowing you anonymous browsing. Now if you use ChatGPT in Italy using a proxy server, the IP address that will be visible will not be yours but of the proxy server.   


Snapchat is a social media platform that recently installed certain features of ChatGPT and created its own AI- chatbot called “My AI.” With this chatbot, you get all the functionalities of ChatGPT integrated into Snapchat. 

Snapchat is presently available in Italy. So use can always use “My AI” to access ChatGPT. However, please note that the “My AI” chatbot is only available to users with a Snapchat Plus subscription and not to people who use Snapchat for free. Thus, if you want to use ChatGPT on Snapchat, you must subscribe to its paid version, Snapchat Plus Subscription. 

Why is ChatGPT Banned in Italy?

ChatGPT has been banned in Italy by the Italian Data Protection Authority due to concerns surrounding breaches of personal data and the lack of sufficient checks to prevent the manipulation of users’ information.

The authority also raised concerns regarding the lack of monitored use of chatbots by young children, who can be easily exposed to any wrong or harmful information. 

 The AI chatbot has been banned temporarily, and the parent company OpenAI has been instructed to stop the processing of data of Italian users immediately. 

Italy’s data protection authority also plans to launch an investigation into the company’s work to determine whether they are violating any guidelines set by European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How does ChatGPT know I’m in Italy?

ChatGPT can detect your location by reading your IP address. It is a unique address used to identify and locate any device on a particular network. An IP address can reveal your location or country; thus, ChatGPT knows you are in Italy. The ChatGPT knows you are making requests from Italy which is a restricted area. Thus, your access to the website will be blocked. The moment your IP address changes, you can usually use ChatGPT. 

Will any VPN work with ChatGPT in Italy?

VPNs usually work with all the websites in any region, including geo-restricted areas. However, using a banned website with the help of a VPN is not illegal and may even be unethical. A country’s authorities may try to disable and discourage the use of VPNs due to legal concerns. In that case, certain VPNs might not work. 

Besides, OpenAI. ChatGPT’s parent company has been striving to avoid the use of VPNs and proxy servers as it leads to breaches of their security network. Thus, if the company comes up with techniques to disable VPNs on ChatGPT’s website, the use of VPNs might become futile. Please note that 

The best VPN for ChatGPT in Italy

Express VPN

The VPN is available on Android, Linus, Windows, and Mac devices. Please note you will have to buy a paid monthly subscription starting at $6.66. The VPN is extremely reliable and would enable you to browse the internet effectively without any hassles. 

Private Internet Access

The VPN is well acclaimed for its abundant feature, including customization. It has no strict log policy and provides incredible privacy features. Users can control the kind of information stored on the internet. It even provides 48 servers to use ChatGPT. 

The cost of the subscription is $11.99 per month.


is another one of the commonly used VPNs that lets users browse anonymously and prevents users from suspicious websites, viruses, and ads. It ensures that none of the user data is leaked online. However, please note it is not free to use and costs $11.95 monthly. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you have all the information about using CHatGPT in Italy. You have abundant options such as Proxy servers, VPNs, Tor browser, and even Snapchat. However, please be mindful that using these methods might raise ethical and legal concerns, so use them at your own risk. Hopefully, the ban on ChatGPT will be lifted soon in Italy so that users can use the AI chatbot effectively. 

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security and Ai tools.

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