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ChatGPT’s valuable features are free; it’s normal to feel curious about its data privacy aspects. This informative article will explain the answers related to users’ data usage on ChatGPT. Towards the end, We would conclude whether you can trust ChatGPT with your sensitive information.

Does ChatGPT save conversations and user data?

Yes, ChatGPT saves chat conversations, input prompts, and user data until your account exists. When you delete the conversation threads/history from your account, OpenAI employees can view them via their servers. Along with this, OpenAI stores the following information from your ChatGPT account-

  • Account Information, including your name, account credentials, contact info, payment card info, and transaction history.
  • User’s content, including input prompts, uploaded files, and shared feedback.
  • More Personal information includes Log Data ( IP address, browser settings, and type ), Usage data, and device information.

How does ChatGPT use my data?

ChatGPT is tremendously popular because it offers quick and accurate responses per user’s query. While committing to protecting users’ data privacy and safety, ChatGPT’s primary motive behind saving data is to train its AI chatbot to improve its response time and accuracy in presenting the correct information. 

They can use your conversations to train other OpenAI models. 

More purposes can include –

  • For research to provide a user’s personalized experience.
  • To check the quality of platform services.
  • To create new services.
  • To avoid crime, fraud activities which can result in ChatGPT services misuse.
  • To ensure ChatGPT IT systems and network safety.

ChatGPT allows you to opt-in or out of saving your data by filling out the forms manually. The OpenAI company promises to stick strictly with the Data protection regulations and laws to handle its user’s data and personal information responsibly.

Does OpenAI or ChatGPT sell user data?

OpenAI doesn’t sell its user’s data to third-party advertisers; even its major services of ChatGPT are free. It’s obvious to think how a new startup like ChatGPT makes a profit by having millions of users. ChatGPT received investment from Microsoft in 2023 and uses its Azure cloud servers to develop automatic responses. ChatGPt plus paid service and its GPT-4 language model assist owners in earning returns without selling data.

Still, ChatGPT may still share its user’s data with other third parties like affiliates or service providers under OpenAI control. They can use the shared information strictly according to OpenAi’s privacy policy to avoid data misuse.

Should you trust ChatGPT with your data?

According to the OpenAI info page, the employees of this company can still view chat conversations to improve the working efficiency of their AI platform and to ensure the content shared complies with their privacy and content policies. ChatGPT platform utilizes strong encryption standards to secure users’ conversations from evil eyes. It has developed strict privacy policies to maintain users’ personal information confidentiality. 

ChatGPT reviews its platform conversations to improve the services of its platform and training AI bot. We recommend you avoid providing sensitive personal information on ChatGPT because there’s never a 100% guarantee, as proved by past incidents. ChatGPT witnessed a data breach in 2023 due to a software bug. The immediate consequence was that many users could see the chat history of others when using them at the same time. Potential future data breach risks are unavoidable till ChatGPT saves users’ data.

How to delete your ChatGPT data

The only way to delete your ChatGPT data permanently is by deleting your OpenAI account. If you do this, you cannot create a ChatGPT account in the future. Below are two ways to do this for users using ChatGPT services for free and upgrading with Plus.

Method 1

  • Log in to your ChatGPT account.
  • Select “Settings” from the left-bottom side.
  • Click “Delete account.
  • Provide your confirmation by selecting “Confirm deletion.”

Method 2

  • Log in to your ChatGPT account.
  • From the bottom right end, click the “help” option.
  • Click on “Send us a message.”
  • Select the option “Account Deletion.”
  • Complete the prompt steps.
  • The company can take up to 4 weeks to complete your request.
  • Stay Logged in till the Account Deletion process completes.


Can I delete my chat history without deleting my ChatGPT account?

Yes, you can delete a particular chat conversation from your history at a time. ChatGPT will remove the deleted conversation from their systems after thirty days.

Why can’t I see my chat history on ChatGPT?

Two reasons can be that – You have deleted the chat history, or ChatGPT servers could be busy at that moment.

Can I export my chats from ChatGPT?

Yes, you can export chats or conversations from ChatGPT by exporting data via Settings. You’ll receive the zip file of your chats or other data in the registered email. You will need other tools to extract your chats from the zip file.

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security and Ai tools.

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