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DataScene comes in three different editions to meet different user needs: Community, Lite, and Deluxe. The Community Edition is a totally free Edition for which anyone can obtain a free license key. The Lite and Deluxe Editions require license fees.

The following chart shows the features available in the three editions.

Legend:  = Yes. Empty = No.




Data I/O and Manipulations

Importing data into data tables
Importing data into a data sequence
Importing text files (fixed-width, delimited, CSV).
Importing Excel files.
Creating data sequences
Editing data sequences
Data table to data sequence generation
Data sequence to data table generation
Column and cell formulas 
Time-dependent formulas
Automatic 2D grid creation
Exporting data to text files

Graphing and Charting

Plotting 39 Series in high-quality graphs
3D canvas and aspect settings (rotation, elevation, perspective, tilt, etc)
Transparent color, shadow, bevel, and various brush types (Solid, Hatch with 56 textures, Gradient, and Image)
16 built-in themes and custom themes
Rich text annotations
Highly customizable legends, titles, axes, panel, and walls
Multiple graphs on the same canvas
Automatic update of graphs upon data source change
Exporting graph to various formats.

Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF.

Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, EMF, PostScript, and PDF.

Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, EMF, PostScript, and PDF.

Data and Graph Processing

Processing graphs with 20 Series functions, (Cublic Spline, Moving Average, Integrate, Differentiate, FFT, Nonlinear Regression/Curve Fitting, etc)
Data generation in series functions
Automatic recalculation of series functions upon data source change
Recursive series functions
Math parser with 57 built-in mathematical and text functions

Graph Animation

Animation using time-dependent mathematical formulas
Animation using sequences of data
Animation meter
Exporting animated graphs and charts to files in animated GIF and AVI formats

Graph Tools

Animation tools (Animator, Animation Meter, Graph Sequence, Time Travel, and Data Sequence)
Refreshing Linked Data
Graph manipulation tools (Rotate, Pan, Magnifier, Graph Layout, etc)
Utility tools (Cursor, Grow, Screen Reader, Column Formulas, etc)
Real-time Data Monitoring
Real-time monitoring, charting, and processing


Dockable and configurable user interface
User-specific program settings

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