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In DataScene, the user can easily analyze and process data contained in data tables using DataScene’s inter-table manipulation feature and its powerful math parser. The user can also easily analyze and process graphs and charts with various series functions.

Data Table Manipulations

The user can use DataScene’s column and cell formulas to analyze and process data in data tables. DataScene’s math parsers features 57 built-in mathematical and string functions that can be used to build fairy complex formulas. Inter-table operations are supported by the parser to access any cells in any data table within the same project.

DataScene’s math parser also builds in 20 fundamental physical and mathematical constants, making it easy for scientific and engineering users to use these lengthy constants in their formulas.

Series Functions

In DataScene, graphs and charts can be readily analyzed and processed using various series functions. A series function associate one series (e.g. Line, Bar, Pie, etc) to another with a defined mathematical relation. DataScene supports 20 series functions, many of which contains more variations:

  • Arithmetic: AddSubtractMultiply, and Divide.
  • Calculus and interpolation: Cubic SplineCumulateDifferentiate, and Integrate.
  • Regression: Nonlinear Fit, and Linear Regression
  • Satistical: AverageCountHighLowMedianMoving AverageStandard Deviation, and Variance.
  • Signal processing: FFT, and FFT Filter.

DataScene’s series functions automatically recalculate their results upon any change of the data sources. Series functions are also robust and smart – they automatically interpolate the source data points if necessary to make them meet the input requirements (e.g. in the case of FFT where the input data points are not equally spaced).

Ease of Use

DataScene comes with a user friendly Wizard, as well as tutorials and context-sensitive help. With the Wizard, it takes only few minutes for a new user to learn to analyze and process data and graphs with DataScene.

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