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DataScene has an easy-to-use real-time data monitoring, charting, and processing feature. To use this feature, all the user needs to do is to setup DataScene to link to the real-time data source file.

Monitoring and Charting Real-time Data

To monitor and chart real-time data, DataScene requires a data source file that should be periodically updated by the data source (e.g. a simple program that periodically dumps data to the data source file). The user simply setups DataScene to import data from the data source file as a linked source and then use the Refresh Linked Data tool to monitor the data source file. Every time the data source file is updated, DataScene will automatically refresh its data and all dependent graphs and charts.

Processing Real-time Data 

Processing real-time data in DataScene is readily accomplished by using Datascene’s series functions. A series function associate one series (e.g. Line, Bar, Pie, etc) to another with a defined mathematical relation. Since series functions automatically recalculate their results upon any data source change, once setup with a real-time data source, they will automatically reprocess the data upon updates of the data source without the user’s interaction.

Ease of Use

DataScene comes with a user friendly Wizard, as well as tutorials and context-sensitive help. With the Wizard, it takes only few minutes for a new user to learn to setup DataScene to monitor, chart, and process a real-time data source.

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