Data Scientist Salary in the United States

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The high-paying salary factor is one of the main inspirations why aspiring Data Scientists in the US are willing to start a career in this field. We have compiled statistical data from well-known job portals to assist you in knowing Data scientists’ average salary in the United States for entry-level to experienced job titles.

You’ll understand how different factors like skills, company, and state can play a crucial role in the Data Scientist’s earnings in the US.

Data Scientist Salary in the United States

How much does a Data Scientist make in the United States?

The Salary Range for a Data Scientist can vary in the United States depending on different factors – Educational qualification, certification/certificate, skills proficiency, state, Experience years, job title, industry type, and location. Thus, it’s challenging to give a specific estimation.

Here is the Salary range for Data Scientists estimated by different portals by February 2023. 

Average base salary

Here’s the Average Base Salary data for Data Scientists by top websites-

  • Indeed – $127,891/year ( estimated from 5.9k salaries )
  • Glassdoor – $103,919/year ( estimated from 31,603 salaries )
  • – $141,524
  • Payscale – $98,789/year ( estimated from 8,960 salary profiles

Salaries by years of experience in the United States

Data Scientist’s salary package increases as they get promoted to higher positions. The average annual pay for Senior Data Scientists and Lead Data Scientists is $1,29,988 and $1,21,202. According to Indeed May 2023 data, Data Scientists with >1 and 3-5 years earn $108,157 & $147,372 annually.

At the same time,  PayScale surveys show a completely different picture. An entry-level Data Scientist with > 1-year experience earns an average of $86,450 ( Including bonus, overtime & tips ). Experienced Data Scientists with 20+ years of experience receive an average salary of $136,914 with an increment of 39%

Top Companies for Data Scientists in the United States

Your industry can play a noteworthy part in your annual salary. Data scientists earn the following % in different sectors – Real Estate ( 16% higher ) and information technology ( 14% higher ). Here are the top-paying companies for Data Scientists in The United States by Indeed.

  • Stitch Fix – $228,683/yr
  • Airbnb – $187,213/yr
  • Lyft – $184,248/yr
  • Comcentric – $183,128/yr
  • Apple – $173,534/yr

Highest paying cities for Data Scientists near the United States

High-paying US city lists differ as per different websites. As per Indeed, Palo Alto – $163,108/yr, San Francisco – $155,406/yr, Boston – $140,858/yr, Bellevue – $138,119/yr, Seattle – $137,775/yr and New York – $129,310/yr are top six high paying metropolitan cities.

The metropolitan areas with the highest salary ( USNews survey data ) for Data Scientists are San Jose, California ( $157,110 ); San Francisco ( $153,180 ), Seattle, Washington ( $135,900 ); New York ( $128,250 ) & Santa Cruz, California ( $123,600 ).

Where do Data Scientists earn more in the US?

As per Indeed, California, Arizona & Delaware are the three US states where Data Scientists earn the highest average pay with an increase of +5% to +24%. has kept Washington ( $133,900 ) & California ( $133,110 ) as the top two US states offering the highest median salary for Data Scientists.

Where can a Data Scientist earn more?

Data Scientists earn more in the IT and real-estate sectors in the USA. Stitch Fix, the top personal styling company, is the high-paying organization in 2023, offering a median package of $409K to Data Scientists. Some Top-paying companies’ offices are located in the following high-paying US cities.

  • New York – Selby Jennings, Two Sigma, Apple, and Airbnb.
  • San Francisco – Meta, LinkedIn, Intuit, Genentech.
  • Atlanta – Apple, Airbnb, eBay.
  • Washington – Airbnb, Twitter, Target and novartis.
  • Los Angeles – Intuit, Proofpoint, and Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

Best-paid Skills and Qualifications for Data Scientists

Data scientists can get higher salaries by completing higher education programs. Many higher-paying senior data scientist positions demand a Ph.D. Payscale has reported the below top-three Data Scientist’s high-paying skills – 

  • Machine Learning – $100,998 ( based on 7,331 responses )
  • Data Analysis – $95,952 ( based on 4,286 responses )
  • Python – $99,464 ( based on 7,847 responses )

Data Scientists with the below skills earn the following % salary increase compared to the average base per Indeed survey.

  • Cloud Architecture: +27.28%
  • DevOps: +28.31%
  • Python: +7.60%
  • Ruby: +22.05%

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