Data Analyst Salary in the United States

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The salary pay is one of the main motivations why aspiring Data Analysts in the US are willing to start a career in this field. We have gathered statistical data from prominent job portals to assist you in understanding Data scientist salary in the United States. You’ll know the average pay of a Data Analyst for entry-level and experienced roles in the US.

Data Analyst Salary in the United States

How much does a Data Analyst make in the United States?

Salary Ranges for a Data Analyst can vary in the United States depending on different factors – 

  • Educational background
  • Data Analytics Training certification/certificate
  • Technical and Soft Skills proficiency
  • Experience years
  • Data Analytics job title
  • Industry type
  • Geographical location. 

We cannot answer this question specifically because the above factors differ for individuals. We have gathered data from different job-portal and news websites to give you an average estimate for Data Analysts’ salaries in the USA.

As per Indeed and Glassdoor, a Data analyst can earn the highest salary of $114,148  and $99,667 yearly.  According to, The average salary range for Data Analysts in the US lies between $74,126 and $92,660. Professionals in the Data Analyst intern & Entry level Data Analyst roles earn $60,749 & $56 841 annually in the US.

Average base salary

Here’s the Average Base Salary data for Data Analysts by top job portals –

  • Indeed – $74,739/year ( estimate of 8.8K reported salaries )
  • Glassdoor – $65,657 /year ( estimate of 51,244 salaries of anonymous Data Analysts )
  • – $82,818 
  • Payscale – $59,730/year ( estimate of 17,657 salary profiles )
  • Salary Expert – $103,235/yr
  • SimplyHired – $38,574/year

Salaries by years of experience in the United States

Data Analyst’s salary package increases as they get promoted to higher positions. Experience is the crucial factor affecting the salary packages of Data Analysts. According to Indeed, Data Analysts with the following years of experience earn varying amounts – >1 year ( $70,837 ), 3 – 5 years ( $79,154 ) & 10+ years ( $88,472 )

Glassdoor reports show a significant salary difference among Data Analysts with more experience years. Data Analysts with 2 – 4 years receives $98,682, Senior Data Analyst  with 5 – 7 years gets $112,593, and Principal Data Analyst with 8+ years earn $138,031

Top Companies for Data Analysts in the United States

Companies from these sectors – Finance and insurance, IT, scientific services, manufacturing & management- release three-quarters of job openings for Data Analysts. Indeed has published a list of top-paying companies in The United States that provide five to six figures salary. We have included the top three.

  1. Intuit is a prominent American software organization offering $160,279/yr.  
  2. Meta, the leading social networking services provider, gives a $141,137/yr, whopping amount.
  3. Devcare Solutions, an IT services company, gives $110,630/yr.

Highest paying cities for Data Analysts near the United States

Working in a big USA city typically connects to a higher salary to afford the lifestyle. Here are the top three high-paying cities for Data Analysts near the US ( By Indeed )

  • Charlotte – $102,444
  • Washington – $86,947
  • New York – $83,955

Where do Data Analysts earn more in the US?

As per Indeed, These are the following US states and cities where Data Analysts earn an average salary increase of +5% to +26% above the national average – Maine, California, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wyoming, Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. But, Glassdoor data shows, Data Analysts earn the highest in these two US cities – San Francisco: $85,806 & New York: $80,571 

Where can a Data Analyst earn more?

You can find data analytics jobs in remote locations. Where you live can significantly influence your salary as a data analyst. We have found Data Analytics salaries for entry-level roles in some countries worldwide.

Before relocating to another country, research the salary package specific to your job title. We have extracted this valuable data from SalaryExpert of the top -five high-paying countries other than the USA.

  • Germany $67,862
  • Australia –  $64,309 
  • New Zealand – $53,830

Best-paid Skills and Qualifications for Data Analysts

We have collected data from Indeed about the Skills and qualifications for which Data Analysts receive the highest salary in the United States. Data analysts with the below three skills earn the following % salary increase compared to the average base.

  • Adobe Analytics: +34.06%
  • Apple keynote : +123.64%
  • Splunk: +41.75%

Data analysts with the below educational background earn the following % salary increase compared to the average base.

  • Information Systems Degree: +17.03%
  • Statistics Degree: +16.19%
  • Computer Science Degree: +12.88%

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