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Having a valid phone number is mandatory to create a ChatGPT account. Every user is not comfortable giving their personal number due to many reasons. Worry not! This article will explain six ways to use ChatGPT without a phone number.

Why does ChatGPT need my phone number?

ChatGPT asks you to enter your phone number during the “Signup” process for security reasons. It’s a crucial step for all new users to get access to a new ChatGPT account. OpenAI wants to verify your new account to ensure you’re an actual person. OpenAI requires your phone number to find out your country.

You can only create a new ChatGPT account once you finish phone verification. This is another way to stop users from engaging in fraudulent activities. 

Does ChatGPT doesn’t support Internet numbers or VoIPs for registration?

OpenAI doesn’t support VoIP & landline numbers for phone verification. VoIP doesn’t let OpenAI detect the exact geographical location of users. It’s clear that you cannot use virtual numbers acquired via Google Voice & other VoIP service providers.

Recently, OpenAI has expanded its VoIP number blocking policy to other countries outside the USA. OpenAI blocks landline numbers & premium numbers to decrease the possibility of the occurrence of fraud & abusive activities. It is a crucial step to maintain the integrity of OpenAI’s platform.

Why do you need to use a private number to use ChatGPT?

Using a Private or hidden number is the smartest way to access ChatGPT services without using your personal number or a VoIP service. Different websites provide private numbers. You should use a private number because of the following reasons-

  • Masks your real identity from OpenAI.
  • You don’t need to submit your personal information to get them.
  • You can prevent exchanging your phone number during the ChatGPT account registration process.
  • OpenAI has still kept ChatGPT in the research phase. That’s why users need to be sure about the safety of this platform. 

What are the risks associated with using a private number for ChatGPT?

Using a private number to access ChatGPT comes with different risks. You can lose access to your ChatGPT account if your private number gets hacked. An outsider can view your confidential data.

  • It will be difficult to retrieve your ChatGPT account because hackers may turn off the private number. 
  • It will become challenging to claim your ChatGPT account with assistance from the ChatGPT support team. You already broke their crucial policy.
  • OpenAI can suspect private numbers & stop your authorization anytime. OpenAI can suspend your ChatGPT account if found suspicious of breaking its policy.

Can I use ChatGPT without a phone number?

Unfortunately, You cannot use ChatGPT without completing the phone-verification step. OpenAI sends the code via SMS or Whatsapp ( supported in a few countries ). Your phone number must belong to countries OpenAI supports. You can try different alternatives to avoid using your phone number-

  • Choose WhatsApp as a phone verification method instead of your phone number.
  • SMS verification tool.
  • Other platforms’ AI chatbots let you use their ChatGPT-based services without requiring your phone number.
  • Using your Friends number.

Let’s understand all these methods in detail in the next section.

How to Use Chatgpt without phone number

You can SignUp for ChatGPT without a phone number using the below methods & platforms.

1. Choose Whatsapp as a phone verification method.

OpenAI allows phone verification using Whatsapp in these countries – Indonesia, UAE, India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, and Ukraine.

After selecting Whatsapp for Signup, you can enter a VoIP or landline number. You’ll receive the code on your Whatsapp. You can use a VPN if you don’t live in the list of above countries. VPN will assist you in switching your location. 

2. Use your friend’s number.

You can take help from your friend even if they have their ChatGPT account. OpenAI supports two ChatGPT accounts linked with the same phone number. Ask a friend you trust the most because they can access your ChatGPT account.

3. Use an SMS Verification tool.

You can try your luck with these two SMS verification services – Autofications & Many users are successfully using them to ditch the phone verification process. They offer phone numbers via cellular carriers. Mostly SMS verification services are paid. We cannot guarantee them being completely risk-free.

4. Microsoft Bing.

Microsoft Bing offers its AI-powered ChatGPT optimized with the GPT-4 model. To access it, you only need to Sign-In using a Microsoft Account. You cannot create a new Microsoft Account utilizing free VoIP numbers. You can avoid giving your phone number to OpenAI’s ChatGPT using Microsoft Bing.

ChatGPT & Microsoft Bing have many similarities in terms of functions. Microsoft Bing AI chatbot is re-designed with GPT technology to make human-like conversations.

5. SnapChat MY AI

Snapchat offers its newly designed AI Chatbot known as “My AI.” It uses the same AI model as ChatGPT. Snapchat doesn’t make it mandatory to enter your phone number during “Signup.”

My AI is visible at the top of the user’s chat feed. You can chat with fictional & historical characters using Snapchat’s chatbot. You can access “My AI” on both mobile & web-based versions of SnapChat.

6. Google Bard

You only need a Google Account to access Google’s recently introduced AI Chatbot. It won’t ask for your phone number. Google Bard can chat like ChatGPT developed on NLP & ML technologies.

It’s based on PaLM 2 model. Google Bard has more limited features than ChatGPT. You can’t do coding using Bard. Google Bard shows the latest data, unlike ChatGPT.

How do I remove my number from ChatGPT?

OpenAI prevents users from removing or unlinking their phone numbers after creating a ChatGPT account. You can take assistance from OpenAI’s customer support team if you want to change or remove your Mobile number. You can access the “Help” button in your ChatGPT to connect with the support team via conversations. 

If you don’t have your ChatGPT account access, you can reach the support team by navigating to the page. If you don’t get help from the OpenAI support team, the only option is to delete your ChatGPT account.

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security and Ai tools.

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