How much Data is ChatGPT Trained on

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Everyone worldwide, whether a normal user or a developer, is curious to learn information on ChatGPT Training Data due to its tremendous popularity. In this article, we have provided some significant facts and statistics discussing different data sources and Data amount used for training different ChatGPT models.

How much Data is ChatGPT Trained on

How much data is ChatGPT trained on? How big is it?

As per OpenAI, ChatGPT-3 original model was trained on 570GB and fed 300 billion words, including sources from web pages, Wikipedia, news articles, websites, research articles, books, and more, comprising 176 billion parameters capable of receiving  10 million daily queries. 

Can ChatGPT be trained on custom data?

You can train ChatGPT on your custom data by Fine-Tuning the ChatGPT chatbot with your Dataset. This method requires preparing the extensive language model (LLM) on a Dataset precise to your field. OpenAI offers API access for downloading different model links available in their respective repositories.

After downloading the model, you require PyTorch, TensorFlow, or another relevant library with the following purposes – describe the training parameters & ChatGPT model with 80% of your data remaining 20% for your data validation and testing. You need to do proper data analysis for this work. 

You can train the ChatGPT AI chatbot on different systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, or ChromeOS. Internet experts globally use programming languages like Python to train this AI chatbot by setting up software backgrounds.

Where does ChatGPT get data?

ChatGPT gets data from three different sources on which it was trained – 

  • ChatGPT (GPT-3) 
  • ChatGPT (GPT-4)
  • DALL-E-2 

The Dataset includes information till 2021, signifying that ChatGPT doesn’t provide data on topics after this time. Most ChatGPT answers are based on patterns and info drawn from fed data.

How big is the data in ChatGPT 4?

As per OpenAI, ChatGPT 4 training dataset comprises 100 trillion parameters, which is 5 times more than the ChatGPT-3 training model and precisely close to the parameters present in the human brain.

What data is ChatGPT 4 trained on?

As per OpenAI, ChatGPT 4 was trained on user feedback after using the services of ChatGPT. Further, the company incorporated fifty-plus experts’ feedback on Artificial intelligence security and safety. The developers have used studies from real-world applications of their previous GPT models in GPT -4’s monitoring & safety research systems.

President of OpenAI, Greg Brockman, informed TechCrunch that this new ChatGPT model was prepared on images & texts without revealing more about sources.

How much data was GPT-3 trained on?

As per OpenAI, GPT-3 was trained on 175 billion parameters of datasets from five different sources as follows – Common Crawl (60%), Webtext 2 (22%), Books1 (8%), Books2 (8%), and Wikipedia (3%). Common Crawl data comprise more % including 410 billion of web collected data since 2008.

WebText2 comprises 19 billion text web pages from the Reddit post’s links (3+ upvotes.) Books1 & Books2 comprise 22 and 55 billion data from the internet books collections of academic, fiction & non-fiction genres. Wikipedia pages data of 3 billion texts in English were used for training.

How many GB is the GPT-3 model?

The GPT-3 model consists of 570GB data sets which are a thousand times more compared to Wikipedia texts. GPT-3 was disclosed to around 16 times more knowledge than what an average individual acquires in their lifetime.

How many words is GPT-4 trained on?

In the GPT-4 model in ChatGPT, users can enter inputs or prompts up to 25,000 words which is eight times the previous ChatGPT model. Earlier GPT-3 model had a word limit of 3000 words. GPT-4 can produce incredibly better and more accurate outcomes than GPT-3.

How recent is ChatGPT 4 data?

The GPT-4 language model was released on March 14, 2023, four months after ChatGPT, with approximately a trillion parameters, a more advanced version of previous GPT architecture models. The exact information about data sources used for ChatGPT 4 has yet to be revealed.

OpenAI mentioned that they trained this new language processing model after reviewing user feedback on ChatGPT services. OpenAI will keep updating ChatGPT 4 with the feedback of existing and more users over time.

How is Chat GPT trained? 

Initially, OpenAI built ChatGPT on the GPT 3.5 model to create interactions with users in a conversational manner. You can read more information on the ChatGPT training process on OpenAI official blog.  They trained ChatGPT via “Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback” (RLHF).

During the training process, OpenAI trainers recreated the parts of the ChatGPT AI bot and human users for simulating conversations similarly to how humans communicate. With continuous feedback, the model was fine-tuned.

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