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The ChatGPT’s registration process makes it necessary to Login before accessing it. However, if you don’t want to give your personal information to OpenAI, follow this article to access ChatGPT anonymously. Let’s understand how to use ChatGPT without Login.

Is it Possible to Use Chat GPT Without Login?

No, You cannot use ChatGPT without Login. To access ChatGPT features, you must create a new account on the OpenAI website. You must “Sign Up” or “Login” to enter your ChatGPT account. You cannot skip the “Login” page. ChatGPT iOS app also requires you to Login.

The “Login” process is necessary to authenticate your ChatGPT account via your email id & phone number. Even if you use VoIP or a landline number to Login, OpenAI will detect that & block your access. You can go with ChatGPT alternatives that don’t require you to Login.

How to Use ChatGPT without Login – 2 Easy Ways

Here are 2 easy ways to use ChatGPT without Login. 

Use Browser Extensions

The first method is to use ChatGPT technology-based browser extensions. You can add these extensions in your browser. You won’t need to go through the Login process to utilize ChatGPT’s AI functions.

We have described only two browser extensions because others can ask you to Login by providing your personal details.

1. Merlin

Merlin is a browser extension developed by openAI that works on all browsers & webpages. This extension is built on ChatGPT AI mode to generate the same responses. You can add Merlin from the Chrome “web store.” Merlin will display responses when you enter your queries in the search engine.

Some of its significant features include-

  • Writing emails: You can use Merlin to respond to your emails or write promotional emails.
  • Adding AI-based answers to your Google search results.
  • Summarize & Transcribe YouTube videos.

2. ChatGPT Writer 

ChatGPT Writer extension is primarily used to generate emails & messages for users. ChatGPT extension functions like Merlin. To use it, you must navigate the OpenAI website to complete the Cloudflare authentication process. Open the ChatGPT writer extension & add the input prompt related to the topic you want to write content for.

This extension will generate your answer quickly. We have tested this extension on Gmail to write emails for multiple purposes.

Use Third Party Apps

The Second Method to use ChatGPT without Login is via Third-party apps, which were developed using ChatGPT API. OpenAI offers open-source API keys for developers to design their own apps incorporating ChatGPT language models. Here are some legit Third-party apps.

1. Bing AI Mobile App

Microsoft has released free Android & iOS apps based on the GPT-4 model. Bing AI Mobile app contains all features of its browser-based version. Mobile users can install it from Google Playstore & Apple App Store. Sign In via your Microsoft Account to ask your questions. This app stores your search history & allows you to search using text & voice commands.

2. Rapid ChatGPT 

Rapid ChatGPT app lets you chat with an AI robot. It’s available on the Google Play Store. You can write stories, jokes, or even riddles using the Rapid ChatGPT app. Developers have added a gamification feature to earn coins. You can use coins to generate endless responses.

3. Chatsonic.

Chatsonic is an AI chatbot that you can access from the Writesonic website. Chatsonic utilizes the GPT-4 capabilities to make conversations with users. Chatsonic is powered with “Google Search” for generating real-time responses on the latest events & accurate facts.

You can use it to create fantastic artwork via text prompts. It can act as your personalized avatar to solve your problems. You can download the Chatsonic app for free from the Google PlayStore.

Ethical considerations when using ChatGPT without Login

OpenAI makes the “Login” Process necessary mainly to prevent cases of spam, fraud & abusive behavior on its platform. OpenAI wants to keep ChatGPT a safe platform maintaining users’ online privacy. You must obey the policies of OpenAI while accessing ChatGPT without Login. Ensure not to use ChatGPT technology for inappropriate reasons. 

Privacy and Security Concerns while Using ChatGPT without Login

Using ChatGPT without revealing your true identity to ChatGPT can concern other users’ security. The internet has been stormed with different browser extensions & third-party apps which are not legit. You may compromise your online privacy by uninstalling fraud applications. 

Why privacy matters when using ChatGPT

OpenAI has written its Privacy Policy that it collects & stores the user’s data for training its AI chatbots. The technical team of OpenAI can view the user’s chat history and confidential & personal information. OpenAI can hand over the user’s information anytime to its business partner and affiliates without asking anyone.

OpenAI only lets people use ChatGPT if they provide the correct email address & phone number. That’s how OpenAI’s privacy policy raises security alerts in every user’s mind. 

Evaluating the safety of browser extensions and third-party apps

Before installing any browser extension or third-party app, ensure that they are legit & safe. Read their policies & terms of usage pages to check what they do with your data. Avoid installing applications from fake links. 

Tips to protect your personal information

You can use the following tips to protect your personal information using ChatGPT.

  • Keep a strong password. Don’t keep the same password everywhere.
  • Set a two-factor authentication method on your device.
  • Update the installed browser extensions every time a new update is released.
  • Don’t provide your address, payment details, and contact number while signing up for these browser extensions.
  • Avoid connecting with public Wi-Fi to open your ChatGPT account. You can increase the likelihood of getting your account hacked.
  • You can adjust your ChatGPT settings to deny OpenAI from using your data for training.
  • Clear your browser’s history to delete your saved information.


Our suggested third-party apps & browser extensions can prevent you from going through the ChatGPT Login process. Once you Sign in to ChatGPT, you automatically agree to comply with OpenAI policies. You can still stop the usage of your ChatGPT history by OpenAI.  

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security and Ai tools.

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