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ChatGPT has become the top limelight of the AI world since its release. Before understanding this AI chatbot, you must know the ChatGPT website & ways to integrate its features into your website.  

What is the official website for ChatGPT?

The link for the official ChatGPT website is – https://chat.openai.com/chat. OpenAI provides two ways to access its AI-powered ChatGPT features. One is the browser-based version & other is the iOS app. Any user can create a ChatGPT account using the above link. This website contains the most potent AI chatbot capable of answering various queries.

Once inside this website, OpenAI asks for permission for your data for training purposes. The ChatGPT website is divided into two sections. Left-menu bar includes Settings & the right section is for chatting with the AI chatbot.

OpenAI has now integrated browsing & plugin features into this website to extend the capabilities of ChatGPT. You can do a real-time search on the internet, being a plus-subscriber. 

Can I integrate ChatGPT with my website?

Yes, you can integrate ChatGPT’s AI-based functionalities into your website via API. OpenAI makes its ChatGPT model accessible to all developers. You can even access the speech-to-text function of ChatGPT on your website. You must have programming language knowledge to utilize ChatGPT API. OpenAI has written a detailed article on how to use its API.

You can combine the advanced GPT-3 & GPT-4 AI models into your website for different applications.

  • Drafting diverse types of written content.
  • To do Python coding.
  • Answering queries.
  • Develop AI chatbots that can make conversations.
  • Translate languages.
  • Provide your softwares with an NL interface.

How do I create a website using ChatGPT?

You can create a website using ChatGPT in different ways-

1. By taking assistance from ChatGPT.

You must enter appropriate input prompts to create a new website from scratch. ChatGPT can generate all the crucial steps necessary to create a website. Let’s explore what input prompts you can use in ChatGPT for website creation.

  • To generate code to assist in website design.
  • To generate source code for making contact forms.
  • To generate your niche-related keyword ideas.
  • To generate content for your website pages, including About, blog posts, and product pages.

Except this, you can purchase domain & web hosting from any reliable website. ChatGPT can generate dozens of creative ideas to customize your website. The free versions are enough to create a new website. You must know the programming languages that developers use in designing websites.

2. By using ChatGPT API.

OpenAI offers free-source ChatGPT & whisper AI models, which you can easily integrate into your website using its API files. You can develop a new Chatbot for your website having the capabilities of ChatGPT. If you don’t know programming languages, you can hire a developer. For the website designing part, you must have a developer. OpenAI creates complete documentation to understand how its API works for developers’ reference.

3. By using website builders.

Wix is a popular website-building tool that lets you integrate ChatGPT features into new websites. Wix provides a “Wix Chat Widget,” the AI-powered chatting tool allowing users to talk with an AI chatbot. With the Chat widget, you can deliver your website visitors a personalized & fascinating experience via natural conversations.

Are there any Websites like Chat GPT

Yes, many websites like ChatGPT have been developed recently after the release of ChatGPT. Let’s understand some popular ones-

1. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft has introduced its own AI chatbot in its search engine known as “Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI.” All users with a Microsoft account can use Microsoft Bing. Microsoft has optimized it with the advanced GPT-4 model. Bing AI Chatbot functions as a chat tool to ask queries. It can write content or even design a brand’s logo, artwork & and image.

You can use Bing AI chatbot via Microsoft Edge on Windows & macOS. You can make conversations in a similar way as ChatGPT. This chatbot allows you to select three options to adjust the conversational style for responses. Bing AI is the only chatbot that lets you utilize the GPT-4 model for free.  

2. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is a free alternative to ChatGPT, addressing some of its limitations. ChatSonic was powered with “Google Search” to provide accurate responses on trending topics & latest events. Chatsonic can generate beautiful AI artworks via texts to utilize in social media campaigns. 

Chatsonic can even act as your personal assistant for different applications. ChatSonic can respond to voice input prompts like Google Assistant.

3. Google Bard.

Google Bard is developed on the PaLM 2 model with advanced mathematical, coding & reasoning skills. It can make human conversations like ChatGPT. Developers can integrate Google Bard into apps, websites & messaging platforms to generate natural language responses. To access Bard, you require a Personal Google Account or Google Workspace account.

4. Jasper AI.

Jasper AI is an AI-based content writing tool capable of generating content in 25+ languages. Jasper AI can produce unique content free of plagiarism. You can integrate Jasper AI writing services into social media platforms. You don’t need to have coding skills to understand Jasper AI.


We have shared the official link of the ChatGPT website, which you can open on any browser, device, and system. This website is the ultimate way to know how ChatGPT functions. Like Snapchat My AI, Quizlet, Instacart, shop, and Speak, you can create your own GPT-3 & 4 powered websites using ChatGPT API.

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