10 Best Data Science Certifications To Get Hired in 2023

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One of the intelligent decisions to stand out among competitors is to upskill yourself by acquiring a valuable Data Science certification from a renowned institute. We have shared our insights about the Best 10 Data Science Certifications in 2023 after analyzing different factors that interest both beginners and experienced Data Science professionals to land a high-paying job. In the end, you will conclude which certification is right for you. 

Best Data Science Certifications

How to Choose the Data Science Certification

One should consider many factors listed below while choosing a Data Science Certification program.

1. Education qualification 

Many Data Science Certification courses require learners to hold bachelor, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Data Science or related domains as a necessary criterion to qualify for the exams and certificates. Always check the education qualification before enrolling in the desired program.

2. Skills – Many Data Science certification courses require no specific skills to undertake the exams. Many renowned education institutes ask for Advanced degrees that require learners to have Data science and machine learning fundamental skills, knowledge, and 5+ years of experience. Beginners are not eligible for such certification programs. Ensure to check the skills section before investing money.

3. Budget

Many institutes charge money for courses, exams, and certifications, and most are in 3 or 4 figures dollars. Ask yourself whether you’re ready for investment.

4. Time flexibility

Most Data Science certification programs are online and offer the flexibility to invest hours as per your availability. It would be helpful if you have a tight schedule or are already a working professional.

5. Career Benefits

Data Science Training is a smart way to develop the necessary skills for your desired Data Science role because you can gain skills to show to recruiters. Ask How a particular Data Science Certification aligns with your career goals? Do you need it to get an entry-level job or a promotion in the current Data Scientist role?

10 Best Data Science Certifications

Here are our Top 10 Data Science Certifications of 2023 for aspiring and experienced Data Science professionals.

1. [Certified Analytics] Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification is a globally trusted, independent validation of the crucial technical expertise & connected analytical and soft skills owned by data science professionals.

Career Benefits

In the Data Analytics world, This is the best certification for Beginners to mid-level experienced Data Professionals to demonstrate that they have the necessary expertise to drive valuable insights from data.

You can learn Statistical modeling and Machine learning to get more opportunities and save time and money investing in Advanced education programs.


Education – Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

Experience – 3 years with MA/MS in a related area, 5 years with BA/BS in a related area, and 7 years with any degree in an unrelated analytics area.

Skills – Business Problem Framing, Analytics Problem Framing, Data, Model Building, Methodology Selection, and Lifecycle Management.


$495 INFORMS Member

$695 Nonmember

Validity – 3 years

2. [DASCA] Senior Data Scientist (SDS)

The SDS™ is the globe’s most influential certification for professional big data analysts and specialists who desire to forge their leadership potential & demonstrate their wisdom in data science.

Career Benefits

After getting this certification, promising technology professionals can head for data scientist positions in large organizations. SDS certification adds momentum to your career journey of evolving as a data architect, data leader, or business intelligence expert. 


Track 1: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Engineering, Mathematics, Applied Sciences, Computer Application, Management, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, or a related discipline with a minimum of 5 years of experience in Data Sciences, Computing, Business Analytics, and Business Intelligence

Track 2: Master’s degree in computer science (or above fields) with a minimum of 4 years experience in Data Sciences, Computing, Business Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

Track 3: Bachelor’s degree from a DASCA-recognized institution in the above fields with at least 3 years of experience in Data Sciences, Computing, Business Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

Track 4: Master’s degree from a DASCA-recognized institution with at least 3 years of experience in Data Sciences, Computing, Business Analytics, and Business Intelligence.


  • Advanced understanding of Statistical Analysis tools, techniques, and analytics platforms.
  • Basic fluency in R
  •  Expertise in object-oriented programming techniques and tools.
  • Practice using scripting languages.

Cost $775 ( for all tracks )

Validity: 5 years

3. [DASCA] Principal Data Scientist (PDS)

PDS Certification is a highly-regarded proof of the strategic & technical competence and enthusiasm for accomplishing difficult Data Science leadership positions across various sectors.

Career Benefits

PDS-certified professionals can guide and influence developments in education, business, research, security, governance, research, and social development by creatively deploying the latest data sciences technologies.


Track 1 – For data science professionals with an outstanding career record with at least +10 years of experience with a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in data science (or related fields)

Track 2: For Senior Data Scientists and Data Science professionals sponsored by their organizations with at least 10 years of experience holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science or related fields.

Track 3: SDS certified with a Master’s degree in data science or related fields and must have +10 years of experience.

Track 4: Open for anyone with a Master’s degree in data science, Computer Science, or related fields, +10 years experience ( for Master’s degree ), or +8 years experience ( for Ph.D. holders ).

Skills – Leadership skills in preparing, executing, and handling comprehensive business and intelligence systems.


Track 1: $850 ( for invite-only applicants)

Track 2: $1250 (via corporate Nomination)

Track 3: $750 (upgrade from SDS)

Track 4: $1450 ( for open applications)

Validity – 5 Years

4. [SAS] Data Science Certification

SAS Data Science Certification is the best credential for beginners aspiring for a Data Scientist role with no degree and less professional experience. 

Career Benefits

You will receive a Data Science Certification combining credentials for Advanced Analytics, Data Curation, and AI & Machine Learning Professionals, proving your skills in these disciplines. With proper training, you will master Data Scientist skills.


Knowledge of SAS programming basics, data manipulation methods, and SQL.


$1295 yearly on a sub-course with materials for exam preparation.

Validity – No expiration ( check for individual exams )

5. [The Open Group] Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)

Open Certified Data Scientist Certification is the most extensive and peer-reviewed credential utilized by leading enterprises globally as a medium to measure Data Scientists’ capabilities. It includes three certification levels – Certified Data Scientist, Master Certified Data Scientist, and Distinguished Certified Data Scientist.

Career Benefits

  • Organizations use this credential as an essential guide to hiring for crucial roles in Data Science.
  • This self-paced certification is ideal for Data Scientists to showcase knowledge and capabilities for advancing in career roles and enhancing peer recognition.


Proven experience as a Data Scientist.


Certification Fee – Level 1: $400, Level 2: $500, and Level 3: $550

Milestone badges – $50-$300 

Validity – 3 Years

6. [Microsoft Certified] Azure Data Scientist Associate

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate is a global certification for Data Professionals interested in starting Data Science Career. This certificate is designed especially for Data Scientists with Machine Learning tools and Python knowledge.

Career Benefits

  • You will learn to handle Azure resources for Machine Learning applications with the necessary expertise to develop practical solutions in Azure.
  • Gain hands-on experience working with Microsoft Azure services & resources. 


Skills -Proficiency in applying ML and Data Science strategies with Azure combining many Data Engineer skills. 


You only have to pay $165 for the exam. 

Validity – No Expiration 

7. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate course trains beginners in Data Analysis to create a new career by learning in-demand job-ready skills for job titles like Junior and Associate Data Analyst. It is also one of the Best Data Analytics Certification Programs.

Career Benefits

After completing this Google-designed professional training, 75% of certified graduates have reported improving their career trajectory. Learn job-ready skills such as Data cleansing, Spreadsheet, Data Visualization, Data Collection problem-solving, Analysis, and more.

Prerequisites: No degree or experience

Skills – sharp analytical and mathematical mind.

Costs – $35 monthly via Coursera subscription.

Validity – No expiration date

8. [Columbia University] Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

This world-class certification program combines training for four Data Science courses, including significant Machine Learning and statistics topics. 

Career Benefits

This certification prepares students for a different role in Data Sciences by inculcating foundation skills via online training.


Skills – Knowledge of Linear Algebra, programming languages, and Calculus.

Costs  – $395 ( course + technology fee )

Validity – No expiration

9. [edX] HarvardX Data Science Professional Certificate

HarvardX Data Science Professional Certificate offers an introductory course teaching all Data Science fundamental concepts through real-world data sets and case studies.

Career Benefits

The best online course developed by Harvard University and edX experts for individuals willing to become Data Scientists can upskill themselves with the crucial foundation at their own pace.

Prerequisites: No experience is required in Data Science.

Costs – $792.80

Validity – No expiration 

10. [Coursera] IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate benefits all beginners passionate about making a career in Data Science and can learn all the necessary skills while earning a certificate from two prestigious industry experts, Coursera and IBM.

Career Benefits

Ideal online course to launch a Data Science career by developing SQL, Python, Machine learning models, Data Visualization and Data Analyzation skills. You will learn to apply learned skills via tools on live projects of real data sets.

Prerequisites: No experience or degree is mandatory to enroll in this course.

Costs – $59 per month and $399 yearly ( Coursera plus )

Validity – No expiration

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Certification Is Best for Data Science?

You can find this answer by analyzing factors like your educational qualification, experience, skills, job position, career objectives, budget, etc. People with 4+ years of experience can select from open CDS, CAP, DASCA, and CAP. Beginners can enroll in the remaining ones that don’t require experience or a degree.

2. Are Certifications in Data Science Worth It?

You can upskill yourself with the latest tools and techniques of Data Science. All learned skills will add to your resume and enhance your credibility for existing and future Data Science roles.

3. Can You Be a Data Scientist Without Coding?

A Data Scientist’s primary responsibilities include working with programming languages for different processes of Data collection, Database building, Data mining, creating automated systems, building predictive models, data visualization tools, etc. Coding is a mandatory skill for every aspiring Data Scientist. 

4. Why Are Data Science Professionals in Demand?

Every type of business collects Big Data to make strategic decisions for profits. Data Scientists is a demanding job role in almost all sectors due to growth in the IT sector after introducing new domains of AI and Machine Learning. Business requires Data Scientists to assist them in predicting future outcomes and adding value after analyzing the collected data.


You can select any Data Science certification program based on your experience, educational background, career goals, and budget. We have included certification programs for beginners to set the foundation for their careers and even experienced Data Scientists to climb a ladder in their current roles to get fast promotions. These Certifications are an intelligent medium to enhance your credibility and resume and prepare yourself with the skills appealing to potential employers.

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