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If you’re willing to become part of fast-growing Data Engineering fields, Bootcamps are the best way to get entry in less period. This article briefly explains the 6 Best Data Engineering Bootcamps in the market, whose curriculums have been designed by experienced industry experts to meet the requirements of hiring companies.

Best Data Engineering Bootcamps

What is Data Engineering Bootcamp?

Data Engineering Bootcamps are comprehensive, short-duration training courses developed to equip learners to gain the exact skills and concepts knowledge Data engineers require. These Bootcamps include different topics of Data Engineering like Data modeling, cloud computing, Database management, Data warehousing, ETL processes, and more.

Data Engineering bootcamps are an innovative, affordable, and time-saving option for individuals interested in shifting or starting a career in Data Engineering by overcoming the Data Science & Software Engineering gap.

6 Best Data Engineering Bootcamps

Here are our 6 Best Data Engineering Bootcamps.

1. Dataquest

Dataquest Data Engineering bootcamp is the ideal program for beginners, & career changers to start from zero knowledge and prepare themselves with the crucial skills of a Data Engineer in five months. It’s a self-paced online course of five months, including live interactive sessions, hands-on experience in dealing with actual data, and 15 capstone projects which you can finish by investing 5 hours weekly. Ultimately, you’ll get a certification once your capstone projects get reviewed by experts.

You’ll learn the necessary technical skills of Data Engineering – 

  • Programming via Python to develop data architecture.
  • Data Wrangling.
  • Data pipeline management.
  • Tasks automation.

2. Insight Data Engineering

Insights Data Engineering bootcamp is a 7-week intensive fellowship program created to carve a career path in Data Engineering. It’s a self-paced learning and full-time training course with no classes with the opportunity to learn advanced Big data technologies. Insights have over 700 hiring partners, including Amazon, salesforce, Reddit, Paypal, Disney, Facebook, etc.

The seven-week bootcamp is divided into 4 parts – Introduction week, hands-on experience with data projects, company visits & interviews.

3. Jigsaw Labs

Jigsaw Labs offers a 24-week online Data Engineering & Backend Engineering bootcamp that working professionals or career changers can join. They have a 100% placement rate with a job guarantee within 9 months. To enter this bootcamp, you must clear a Technical interview in which they analyze your Python programming skills.

Their curriculum has been designed in partnership with experts from renowned companies, where you get real data sets to work with from the beginning. To provide the job experience, they start your internship with top companies where you complete Data engineering projects. You can complete it in a part-time mode without affecting your current job. You can select from two payment options – Upfront Tuition fee is $9500 for two semesters & deferred tuition.

4. Springboard

Springboard’s online Data Engineering bootcamp is created together with St. Louis McKelvey School of Engineering that provides complete 1-on-1 mentorship to equip you with Data Engineering skills by learning via expert-curated lectures. You get a career coach to assist you in creating your job strategy & interview preparation.

This bootcamp is only for working professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience in Software or Data Engineering. You can master software tools like Hadoop, Azure, Docker, and Apache Spark & do two capstone projects in which you will deploy data pipelines & develop scale.

5. Datacamp Data Engineering Bootcamp

Datacamp offers a career track in Data Engineering in which you will explore 17 courses of 57 hours with one project covering all foundation skills crucial to a Data Engineer. By the end, you’ll gain expertise in tools and concepts crucial to succeed in Data Engineering. The courses include-

  • Python, Git & SQL.
  • Hands-on experience with Data cleaning & importing in Python.
  • Data Engineering tools.
  • Cloud computing
  • Use of relational databases to modify data.
  • Data Visualization.

6. Data Engineering Camp

Data Engineering Camp is an ideal course for aspiring Data Engineers to master the related skills within 16 weeks of fast-paced online training. The course requires you to have basic knowledge of SQL & Python with a minimum of one year of experience. You will graduate with a project portfolio that proves your credibility as a Data Engineer.

On the demo day, you can start your career by showing your capstone projects to top companies, start-ups & Data Engineers.

The curriculum includes – Data Integration pipelines, Data modeling, ETL with Python, Analytics Engineering with dbt, productionizing pipelines, and more.

Are data engineer bootcamps worth it?

Data engineering bootcamps are worth it if you wish to further your knowledge of data science and programming. Enrolling in one is especially helpful if you don’t have much of the time, resources, or the availability required to earn a four-year degree. These are the best alternatives to full-time two or four-year degree programs, which require more time, money, resources and exclude the time and effort of learning unnecessary topics.

Many Data Engineering bootcamps provide career support, placement assistance, and networking opportunities to help learners get jobs. You can strengthen your professional relationships with peers and industry experts for job assistance in the future. You are one step away from upgrading to a high-paying Data Engineering role by enrolling in these bootcamps.

How much does the data engineering bootcamp cost?

Tuition for the Data Science & Engineering Bootcamp is $10,000. If you find anything costly, check for scholarships and different payment options which allow you to pay in monthly installments after getting the job. Many of our recommended bootcamps offer a full or half refund if you don’t get the job within a specific duration.

Do data engineers code a lot?

Yes, coding is a mandatory skill for data engineers. Besides SQL, data engineers use other programming languages for a wide range of tasks. There are many programming languages that can be used in data engineering, but Python is certainly one of the best options. Coding knowledge is crucial for Data Engineers to utilize programming languages like Java, Python, etc., for different applications. They need to code to automate Data collection processes.

Is the data engineer job stressful?

Data Engineering can be stressful often, but not for everyone, especially people who enjoy and love their work. Many factors force data engineers to work long, irregular schedules that take a toll on their well-being. In fact, 78% of survey respondents wish their job came with a therapist to help manage work-related stress. Data Engineering work projects often develop pressures on individuals because of the need to submit in a limited time with high accuracy.

Ultimately, Data Engineers find this role highly rewarding and enjoy the complex process of solving complicated problems. Choose a sector that fits your work style and career goals.

Do people actually get hired from coding bootcamps?

Yes. According to a survey of 46 bootcamps by the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, almost 80% of coding bootcamp students had landed a job within six months of graduation. Ultimately, Coding bootcamps graduates often receive more salary packages than college graduates. Before enrolling for a coding bootcamp, come with a hustling mindset to dedicate your efforts.

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