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Data Analytics Bootcamps are the best options for people looking to avoid a full-time degree or switching to Data Analytics. With so many options currently available, it may seem challenging to select a desired one. Worry not! We have researched the eight Best Data Analytics Bootcamps on the market, highlighting all essential information about all. 

Best Data Analytics Bootcamps

Are data analytics bootcamps worth it?

Yes, Data Analytics bootcamps are worth it to prove credibility as an aspiring Data Analyst in the eyes of hiring companies. Here are some more reasons why bootcamps are worth-

  • Provides expert guidance to complete the projects for adding to the portfolio.
  • Includes intensive training on industry-specific skills of Data Analysis.
  • Prepares beginners for entry-level job roles or other professionals to change their career line.
  • Follows a mixed curriculum approach of theory and practical projects to ease the learning process of Data Analysis in less time compared to detailed courses and full-time educational programs.

The Best Data Analytics Bootcamps on the Market Right Now

Here are our Best Data Analytics Bootcamps from renowned institutes globally with valuable certifications.

1. The CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

The CareerFoundry, Data Analytics Program, is the ideal course to start a career as Data Analyst within six months. They offer a dual mentorship model – One mentor to evaluate your submitted tasks & second mentor to share valuable feedback via writing, calling, or video calls. You don’t require any technical background or previous experience to enroll in this bootcamp.

Delivery Format & Duration: This bootcamp is in online mode where you get two duration options to complete the course – 4 months ( 30-40 hours weekly ) & 8 months ( 15-20 hours weekly ). You can fit this program into your busy schedule by investing the specific study hours. You can contact them to set up a custom learning plan per your needs.

Ideal for: Aspiring Data Analysts ( freshers or career changers ) with the motivation and interest to advance their careers.

Tuition: $6210 ( 10% off on upfront payment ) & $6900 ( $2100 upfront & $600 for next 8 months )

Job Assistance: They will return your entire amount if you don’t get a job within six months after graduation. You get career support that includes job prep courses & career coaching.

2. The Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

In partnership with Microsoft, the Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp aims to transform your career by developing your expertise in strategic thinking & technical skills crucial to becoming a successful Data Analyst. They offer 1-on- mentorship & 100% project-based curriculum with expert career coaching to develop your job-ready portfolio.

Delivery Format & Duration: It’s a six-month online bootcamp that you can complete by investing 15-20 hours weekly.

Ideal for: People with 2 years of professional experience dealing with programming or office tools with excellent problem-solving skills.

Tuition: It offers multiple payment options-

  • Pay upfront – $8500 ( save 25% )
  • Monthly installments – $1690/month
  • Deferred tuition plan – $390-$435/month ( pay after starting a new job )
  • Financed tuition loan – $56-$171/month

Job Assistance: You will get a complete refund if you don’t land a job in six months after graduating from this bootcamp.

3. The General Assembly Data Analytics Course

The General Assembly Data Analytics course is specially designed for working professionals interested in gaining analytical skills to apply in practical business contexts. You will work on real-life practical projects and gain knowledge of analytical techniques for solving real-life problems.

Delivery Format & Duration: You can join this course online or in person ( at multiple campuses in Australia, Europe, USA & Asia ). Duration is 10 weeks ( 4 hours weekly ) and 1 week with extensive training. 

Ideal for: Beginners willing to upskill Data Analytics skills.

Tuition: $3,950 USD

Job Assistance: You can become part of its global web of 97+ Alumni for lifetime career support.

4. The Thinkful Data Analytics Immersion Course

Thinkful Data Analytics Bootcamp prepares learners with a comprehensive course to develop skills for entry-level data analyst positions. They match you with a personal experience mentor who teaches via live video sessions and provides detailed feedback on projects.

Delivery Format & Duration: You can study the curriculum in two ways-

  • Full-time for 4 months ( 50 hours/week )
  • Part-time for 6 months ( 20-30 hours/week )

Ideal for: Freshers in Data Analysis.

Tuition: Full-time ( Pay-upfront $13,475 ) & Full-time ( Pay-upfront $8240 ). You get pay via loan or monthly installments.

Job Assistance: You get a complete refund if you do not land a job. You get career support with unlimited sessions for interview practice and resume writing support.

5. The Dataquest Data Analyst Learning Paths

Dataquest offers two courses in Data Analyst – Data Analytics with Python & Data Analytics with R to assist you in carving your career path by preparing you for a job within the specified course duration. The courses include interactive exercises with practical datasets and working on real-time live projects. 

Delivery Format & Duration: Both courses are online with flexible learning hours.

Ideal for: Beginners willing to make a career in Data Analytics.

Tuition: $29 – $49 USD/month

Job Assistance: They assist you in creating a project portfolio.

6. The BrainStation Data Analytics Course

BrainStation has partnered with its partners to develop this course to ensure it includes all Data Analytics industry topics & software tool business requirements to assist in the career-making path of aspiring Data Analysts. You will get expert mentorship to create your portfolio.  

Delivery Format & Duration: You can join this course via online or in-person lectures on any campus ( including New York, London, Miami, Toronto, and more ) of Brainstation for 10 weeks. You can complete it part-time with your job or other work.

Ideal for: A beginner-friendly bootcamp requires no prior experience or knowledge.

Tuition: Course fees are $3,950 USD. It offers many payment options with flexible plans & scholarships.

Job Assistance: You will get guidance to get a job and the opportunity to become a part of 250,000+ professionals

7. The DataCamp Data Analyst Career Tracks

Like Dataquest, Data Camp provides two career paths for new learners: Data Analyst with R & Data Analyst with Python, which you can access anytime. This is an ideal option for people who need more time to commit or invest in a full-time bootcamp.

Delivery Format & Duration: Both courses are available online with different durations of 36-64 hours that you can complete at your own pace.

Ideal for: Newbies busy with other work.

Tuition: Offers three membership options from $0-$33.25 USD/month.

Job Assistance: They don’t offer any job guarantee.

8. The Harvard University Business Analytics Course

Harvard University offers an affordable course focussing to 

Mold a data mindset with the necessary analytical skills to analyze data for solving real business problems.  

Delivery Format & Duration: An online self-paced eight-week course requires 5-6 hours weekly. You can adjust learning hours as per your schedule. After course completion, you’ll earn a certification from Harvard Business School.

Ideal for: Beginners, college students, graduates & Business professionals with mid-level experience.

Tuition: $1,750

Job Assistance: You don’t get placement assistance with this course.

How to choose the right data analytics bootcamp for you

Many factors come into consideration while selecting the right Data Analytics program. You can simplify this process by asking and analyzing the answer to the below questions.

  • How many hours can you devote to your study? Select from the part-time or full-time program depending on your commitment.
  • Are you comfortable with online or offline mode?
  • Does a particular bootcamp program tuition fee fit into your budget?
  • Read the reviews and feedback of past learners.
  • Will you get hands-on experience with real-time projects?
  • Are the topics and skills covered by a Bootcamp relevant to the job role you’re looking for?
  • What are your career goals, and do they align with the objectives of your selected Bootcamp?

Frequently asked questions

Can you become a data analyst with bootcamp?

Yes, you can become a data Analyst with bootcamps developed for designing a new career path. This becomes possible when you use your skills to work on practical projects involving real-time data by using different tools. That’s how you get the hands-on experience that proves your credibility as a potential Data Analyst in front of hiring managers.

Are data analytics bootcamps suitable for beginners?

Yes, most Data Analytics bootcamps are designed keeping in mind the requirements of beginners with no prior background and experience in Data Analysis. Their course curriculum includes fundamental topics and standard tools which Data Analysts widely use in everyday tasks. Further, such bootcamps promise job placement support for freshers to start a high-paying career.

What skills do you learn in a data analytics bootcamp?

The skills you’ll learn in a Data Analytics bootcamp will differ depending on the curriculum. These are some common skills that many Bootcamps include-

  • Coding skills by teaching commonly used programming languages like R and Python.
  • Database building using SQL.
  • Data organization
  • Data mining
  • Data Visualization using different tools.
  • Data analysis.
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical
  • Collaboration.

Will a data analytics bootcamp help me get a job in tech?

Yes, You can get a tech job because many bootcamps offer complete job support. They function directly with hiring companies to determine the top technical skills & software tools beginners require to learn. That’s how they design their curriculum. Bootcamps different career services like-

  • Building portfolio
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview preparation mocks with expert mentors.
  • Entry to the professional community of hiring employers.

How much do data analytics bootcamps cost?

We don’t have a specific answer to this question. The tuition fees for all Data Analytics Bootcamps vary depending on their services. Expensive bootcamps include a specific curriculum with expert mentorship, career support, and job placement assistance. Some affordable ones are of less duration, online, and involve less interaction with mentors.

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