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We offer volume discounts for buyers who purchase multiple DataScene single-processor* licenses or a site license. If you are purchasing up to 20 single-processor* licenses, our order form will automatic apply the discount using the following Volume Discount Table. If you are purchasing more than 20 single-processor* licenses or a site license, please contact us and we can arrange a very special discount for you.

*A processor is a single chip that houses a collection of one or more cores. 

Volume Discount Rates

The following table lists the Volume Discount Rates (VDR) for different number of single-processor machines on which you would like to install DataScene. The VDR is defined as the ratio in percentage of the unit license price to that of the corresponding single-processor license. For example, if the price of the single-processor license of DataScene Deluxe is $349 and you are purchasing 7 copies of it for installation on 7 single-processor machines, you will pay $349 * 75% = $261.75 for each copy.


Volume Discount Rates

Number of Single-processor Machines Volume Discount Rate
2 - 5 85%
6 - 10 75%
11 - 20 70%
21 up Contact Us
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