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Release Notes DataScene™ 3.x

DataScene is a data analysis, animation, and graphing software package developed with the latest generation of computational technologies. With its powerful and user-friendly environment, the user can easily manage and analyze data, generate and view high quality graphs, produce online and offline animations, monitor and chart real-time data, and print and export graphs. Click here to learn more about DataScene.


Change Log


August 26, 2012   

  • Changed default font sizes for graph title, axis labels, and legend text.

  • Added code to prompt the missing ps2pdf program on Window 7 64-bit machines.

  • Optimized code for monitoring real-time data.



November 12, 2011   

  • Bug fixed: docking panel refresh issue for 64-bit Windows OSes caused by kernel stack blowing out due to lengthy nesting level.



September 11, 2011   

  • Bug fixed: an animated graphs created with the Time Travel tool is one frame lagging behind. 

  • Bug fixed: change of the Current value of the Time Travel dialog box does not trig a synchronization of the corresponding graph.



May 21, 2011    

  • Added new DataScene file format with the extension ".dtsx". The new format that uses data compression.

  • Fixed the bug that prevents the user from using custom increment for an axis in the logarithmic scale.

  • Fixed the bug that causes the DataScene Tip windows always pops up when the user tries to add multiple series in a graph.

  • Fixed the bug that the name of a newly renamed table column is not updated until the project is reloaded. The bug was introduced in v3.0.



April 17, 2011    

  • Revised documentation to include different instructions for Windows and Linux.

  • Fixed various incompatible code for the MONO framework.

  • Fixed the bug that prevents refreshing data tables after opening a project file with linked source.

  • Fixed the bug that causes crash after deleting multiple table columns.

  • Fixed the bug that when multiple files are opened with the same Text Data Source dialog box with the Linked persistence, Refresh Linked Data tool dose not work correctly.



February 11, 2011   

  • Significant performance optimization for data tables that contain millions data rows. The just-in-time page loading technique is used to support fast display and manipulation of tables containing large data points.

  • Added the SamplingFrequency property for all series to allow the user to skip data points in a large data table.

  • Added the SamplingMode and SamplingSize properties for all series to allow the user to graph only the first or last part of data in a table.

  • Certain series types are disabled in the Express Edition.

  • Fixed the bug that invisible graph lines are drawn in PS and EPS formats.

  • Certain series types are disabled in the Express Edition (please refer to



October 3, 2010   

  • Added date and number formats selection in the Program Options dialog box.

  • Fixed the bug that causes incorrect generation of PS and EPS files under certain Locales (e.g. German).

  • Fixed the bug that the ColorEach property of the Gantt series is not serialized into file.



July 18, 2010   

  • New feature added: the user can now specify a range of values of contour levels to plot in the Contour series.

  • More tips added to remind the user of series and graph activation.

  • Optimized performance for the Setup 2D Grid menu command.

  • Fixed the bug that causes overflow when growing a series with a step of 0; 

  • Fixed the bug that causes the theme of a newly created chart to be applied to the master chart.

  • Fixed the issue that a newly added Colorgrid does not display properly if there is already a Contour series in the chart.



June 11, 2010   

  • Added grid interpolation for the ColorGrid series. High resolution ColorGrid can be generated using relatively small number of data points.

  • Merged code base for different OSes and DataScene files can now be shared among DataScene running on different operating systems.

  • Added support for clickable axis titles and axis labels.

  • Added support for dragging chart titles with mouse.

  • Added DataScene tips for various scenarios.

  • Automatic axis title generation for new plots.

  • A number of bug fixes. 

  • Bug fixed: domain not used in the FFT series function.

  • Bug fixed: Create Table From Formula dialog box does not work correctly with negative From value.

  • Behavior changed: selected columns/rows of a data table are not deselected when the user right clicks in a cell.



December 12, 2009   

  • Code optimization for plotting sparse data tables (tables contain significant number of empty cells).

  • Set project modified flag after formula applications.

  • Added auto formula re-evaluation when a linked data source changes.

  • Fixed a minor bug in the IF() function.

  • Fixed a bug in CELL() function for inter-table calculations.

  • Allowed multiple delimiters in the Text Data Source dialog box.

  • Fixed minor bug in reading registry keys.



September 27, 2009   

  • Converted Community Edition to Express Edition.

  • Removed getting free community Edition prompt after evaluation expires.



September 20, 2009   

  • A Buy Now button added to the evaluation dialog box. The implementation complies with Digital River's SoftwarePassport Lite Programming Guide.



September 10, 2009   

  • Added conversion between XYZ values and matrix data - through the newly added Data: Matrix to XYZ and Data: XYZ to Matrix menu commands.

  • Added support for importing ODF spreadsheets and Microsoft® Access databases - through the newly added File: Import Data: From ODF Spreadsheets and File: Import Data: From Access Databases menu commands.

  • Added the File: Export Data and File: Export Graph menu commands. The functionally identical Data: Export and Graph: Export menu commands are untouched. 

  • Project: Add To Project...: Data From Text File(s) and Project: Add To Project...: Data From Excel File(s) menu commands moved under the File: Import Data menu.

  • Evaluation period changed to 45 days.

  • Added support in code running on the MONO framework.



June 25, 2009   

  • Code added to handling exceptions in loading online help.



June 11, 2009   

  • Feature added: Comma Separated Value (CSV) format support is added.

  • Feature added: free Community Edition licensing is added.

  • Feature added: the Create an empty data table Wizard task is added.



May 17, 2009   

  • Bug fixed: if an animation is using the Cell() function in one project but the user switches to another project, the cell() function fails to evaluate correctly.

  • Feature revised: when the Settings button on the Animation Generator dialog box is pressed, irrelevant controls on the corresponding Time Travel or Graph Sequence dialog box are disabled.

  • Feature revised: the Time Travel and Graph Sequence dialog boxes are always modeless when opened from the ToolBox.

  • Feature revised: the Welcome screen is not shown by default.



May 11, 2009   

  • Feature added: the Data: Table To Sequence menu command is added to generate a data sequence from a data table.



May 09, 2009   

  • Bug fixed: the source series is removed if Show Peaks check box on the Series Function Editor is checked in a Nonlinear Fit.



April 28, 2009   

  • Feature added: application Wizard that help new user learn to use DataScene.

  • Feature added: importing Microsoft® Excel files.

  • Feature added: creating and populating a data table using a mathematical formula.



April 04, 2009   

  • Bug fixed: the next date for reminding the user of checking update is not calculated correctly.



March 22, 2009   

  • Bug fixed: series growing a sorted Pie/Donut results in incorrect graph.

  • Bug fixed: sorted Pie/Donut series with the Other slice are not drawn correctly sometimes.

  • Added support for removing LabelMember in the Series Editor.



March 14, 2009   

  • Added UNDO for applying cell/column formulas, and setting 2D grids.

  • Added prompt for removing column formulas on the target columns in Graph: Setup 2D Grid. 

  • Added code to validate the file name before file saving.

  • The default EMF format changed to EMFPlusOnly.

  • Added support for deleting multiple series simultaneously in the Series Editor.

  • Added support for adding multiple series simultaneously in the Series Components dialog box.

  • Bug fixed: the last animation frame is not exported to offline animation files.

  • Bug fixed: graph quality (High Speed, High Quality, Anti-Alias) setting not applied correctly while exporting to EMF.

  • Bug fixed: multiple source series functions not serialized/deserialized correctly.

  • Bug fixed: if the domain of a series function is changed but not applied, the series function is left in a unsynchronized internal state.

  • Bug fixed: if the Pan tool is enabled in both the master and a sub graph and the master is active, moving the mouse inside the sub-graph causes the cursor change to hand.

  • Bug fixed: if a project with nonlinear fit series function is opened and immediately closed, an error will occur if the nonlinear fitting background thread has not finished running as part of the initialization of the project. 



February 16, 2009   

  • Revised updater to allow for invocation from within the DataScene program.

  • Added the Cancel button to the Legend Editor and Title Editor.

  • Added the DataScene Updater and Tutorials menu commands to the Help menu.

  • Resolution (DPI numbers) added to the Graph Size dialog box and the Export Graph dialog box.

  • Empty data entries at the end are trimmed during data table copy and paste.

  • Bug fixed: series functions in sub-graphs are not correctly deserialized.

  • Bug fixed: multiple linked files are not corrected reloaded after deserialization.

  • Bug fixed: series function domain does not get updated after source series list has been changed.

  • Bug fixed: while exporting PDF or Postscript with the Export Graph dialog box, the Width and Height settings of the exported graph are not always correctly applied in accordance with the Orientation setting.



February 4, 2009   

  • Bug fixed: while editing a nonlinear curve fitting, initial parameters are recalculated automatically - which results in the loss of previous results.

  • Bug fixed: while creating a new nonlinear fit, pressing the Apply button before entering any model function locks the Nonlinear Fit tab of the Series Function Editor.

  • Bug fixed: if multiple project files are selected and doubled clicked in the file explorer, some files may fail to open in DataScene.

  • Bug fixed: exception in opening multiple project files simultaneously by the file explorer. 

  • Added a top-level unhandled exception handler.

  • Bug fixed: Continue Evaluation button is enabled even if the evaluation period has expired.

  • Added show/hide welcome screen option on the Welcome screen and the Program Options dialog box.



January 29, 2009   

  • Updated and fixed a few sample files in the Start: All Programs: DataScene: Examples menu: all files in the Animation submenu; Fit Peaks and FFTFilter in the Series Functions submenu.

  • Added the Demo Projects menu to the Help menu.

  • Bug fixed: if a single Line-Tool item is copied and pasted, moving the pasted with the Right/Left/Up/Down arrow key also moves the original item.

  • Bug fixed: if a single Text-Tool item is copied and pasted, moving the pasted with the Right/Left/Up/Down arrow key also moves the original item.

  • Bug fixed: poor printing quality due to a memory bitmap is used for the print document. Changed to meta file format.

  • Bug fixed: unhandled exception in the Print Preview window.

  • Bug fixed: the Series Function menu on the context menu of a graph document is visible even when the source series is out of the display range.



January 25, 2009   

  • The fifth color of the default color palette changed from white to tan to increase visibility.

  • The default media type changed to Letter while exporting to the PDF format.

  • Mouse cursor changed to IBeam while the Text Tool is active.

  • Mouse cursor changed for the Pan Tool (SizeAll to Hand).

  • Added the Col() function to the math parser.

  • The default EMF format changed to EMFOnly.

  • Added the Cancel button to TextTool Editor.

  • Position labels of the TextTool Editor and the Line Editor changed to auto match the series type (e.g. R and q for the Polar series).

  • Added support to select multiple Line-Tool items and Text-Tool items.

  • Added support to move multiple Line-Tool items and Text-Tool items.

  • Added support to copy, cut, and paste multiple Line-Tool items and Text-Tool items.

  • Hot key for the Series Piece Editor changed from Ctrl + left mouse click to Shift + left mouse click.

  • Improved peak width estimation in nonlinear Gaussian, Lorentzian, and Voigt fits.

  • Bug fixed: the controls on the NonlinearFit tab of the Series Function Editor are locked after a fit until changing to another tab and then switching back.

  • Bug fixed: for a single-peak Gaussian, Lorentzian, or Voigt fit, the Show Individual Peaks check box on the Series Function Editor is always checked and cannot be unchecked.

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