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Quick Start Information

This topic contains information to help the user start to use DataScene™ quickly. In the Quick and Dirty Start section, concise instructions are provided for new users to complete the most common tasks in DataScene. In the Tutorials section, the most frequently used features of DataScene are systematically explained and demonstrated  in a series of tutorials.

Quick and Dirty Start

Click on a link in the following list for concise instructions for completing the corresponding task.

  1. Plotting Data in Text Files.
  2. Plotting Using Formulas.
  3. Manipulating Graphs and Series.
  4. Creating Sequences.
  5. Creating Animations.
  6. Analyzing Data with Series Functions.
  7. Monitoring and Charting Real-time Data.


The quickest way to familiarize oneself with DataScene™ is to read and follow the tutorials provided in this documentation. The tutorials listed in this documentation cover the most frequently used features of DataScene™. Although the user may jump directly into a specific tutorial, it is a good idea to follow the sequential orders of these tutorials since the knowledge learned in previous tutorials is often the prerequisite for completing successive tutorials.

To help the user easily find related information, related topics for a specific tutorial are referenced at the beginning of the tutorial. Although not always necessary, it is a good idea for the user to read these topics before continue the tutorial because these topics contain useful information for the user to better understand the tutorial.

  1. Tutorial 1. Interacting with the User Interface
  2. Tutorial 2. Working with Projects and Documents
  3. Tutorial 3. Creating Series and Graphs
  4. Tutorial 4. Manipulating Series and Graphs
  5. Tutorial 5. Manipulating Axes, Legend, and Titles
  6. Tutorial 6. Working with Data Tables 
  7. Tutorial 7. Graph Animation
  8. Tutorial 8. Series Functions - Part I
  9. Tutorial 9. Series Functions - Part II
  10. Tutorial 10. Real-time Charting and Processing


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