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A project consists of a collection of documents that can be saved into a single disk file. Each opened project is shown in the Navigator as a project node . A project has to be created before any document can be added. To create a new project, select the New Project menu command on the File menu or the button on the Standard Toolbar.

A project can be persisted into a single file by using the Save Active Project, Save Active Project As, or Save All menu commands on the File menu. Alternatively, the buttons and on the Standard Toolbar can be used. A saved project can be reloaded into DataScene from the file by selecting the Open Project menu command on the File menu or the button on the Standard Toolbar.

Each project has a title that is shown next to the corresponding project node in the Navigator. To change the project title, select the project node by left clicking on it and then right click on it to open the context menu. On the context menu, select the Rename menu command to change the title. Alternatively, after the node is selected, single left clicking on it changes the node into editing mode in which the new title text can be typed in directly.


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