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Donut Graph

Donut Chart

The Donut graph or series is very similar to the Pie series except that a donut rather than a pie is used to represent the data. It has only one mandatory series component, Donut, whose data are used to determine the relative sizes of the donut slices. It also has an optional series component called LabelMember whose data may be used as the mark labels for the slices.

The color and explosion of a specific donut slice can be customized with the Series Piece Editor that can be opened by left clicking on the slice while keeping the Shift key pressed. 

Multiple donut slices can be grouped into the so-called "Other" slice if their values in the Donut components are below a specific threshold. The OtherSliceType, OtherSliceValue, and OtherSliceText properties respectively specify the type and value of the threshold, and the text label for the Other slice. 

The relative size of the inner hole of the donut is determined by the DonutPercent property. 


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