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Dock Window

A dock window is a dock panel that is docked into one of the the following dock areas of the main application window: top, bottom, left, right, and document.

Fig. 1. ToolBox, Navigator, and Messages are docked into the left, right, and bottom dock areas, respectively. Area and Bar are docked into the document area.

To change a dock panel from the auto-hide mode to the dock window mode, click the button when it is in the mouse-hover-display status or the click-display status. To change it back to the auto-hide mode from the dock window mode, click on the button.

To move a dock window from one dock area to another, move the mouse pointer onto its caption (if the dock window is in the left, right, top, or bottom dock areas) or document tab (if the dock window is in the document area), press down the left mouse button and start to drag it to the desired location and then release the left mouse button. While the dock window is being dragged, DataScene displays a blue semi-transparent rectangle indicating the current position of  the dock window. DataScene also displays several dock-site indicators on the main application window indicating available dock areas. Releasing the left mouse button when the mouse pointer is on a dock-site indicator docks the window into the corresponding dock area on the main application widow. Dropping the window onto a location out of any dock-site indicator floats out the dock panel.

Fig. 2. Dragging and dropping of the Bar dock window.

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