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Real-time Graphing and Processing

If the active document is a data table that is linked to a file or a data sequence that contains at least one data table that is linked to a file, it is possible to set up DataScene to automatically reload data from the linked files. To do this, select the Refresh Linked Data tool on the ToolBox to open the Refresh Linked Data dialog box with which automatic reloading from the linked files can be set up. Depending on the type of the active document, DataScene supports two data refreshing methods: periodic refreshing if the active document is a data sequence, or real-time refreshing if the active document is a data table. In the former method, DataScene reloads data from the linked files periodically according to a specific time interval. In the latter method, DataScene monitors the status of the linked file, once the file is modified by another program DataScene immediately reloads data from it.

If the active data table is linked to a file and there is one or more series that use the linked data table as their data source, DataScene will automatically refresh these dependent series after reloading from the linked file. Graphing of real-time data can be achieved this way. If any of these series is the source series of a series function, the destination series of the series function will be recalculated each time the data table is refreshed. This feature allows the user to process real-time data using any supported series function (e.g. FFT filter, Moving Average, Differentiation, etc).

Note that in the case where a data sequence is the active document, the current data table of the data sequence must be linked to a file in order to see any change of the dependent graphs. This is because dependent series of a data sequence always use the data of the current data table of the data sequence. If the current table of the data sequence is not linked to a file, its data will not change and neither will its dependent series. 

It is important to note that if the program that updates the linked file does not close the file promptly after updating it, DataScene will fail to reload from it because of the file protection of the operating system. If the user needs to code his/her own file updating program, he/she should flush the file stream and close the file promptly after updating it.


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