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DataScene User InterfaceDataScene Screenshot

Powered by an advanced docking system, DataScene provides the user with an extremely clean, friendly, and totally configurable user interface. See the anatomy of DataScene user interface and the screenshots.

Configurable Docking Windows

DataScene makes extensive use of an advanced docking system. The Navigator, ToolBox, Messages Window, data tables, and graphs are all dock panels, each of which has a set of window modes and status and can be docked to various docking sites within the main application window. DataScene also automatically remembers the interface layout so that the user is always presented with the same layout as that he/she last time arranged.

The Navigator Navigator

DataScene Navigator is a dock window in which all opened projects are listed. It provides the user with an easy way of navigating different projects, and documents within each of the different project. 

The ToolBox 

DataScene ToolBox is a context-sensitive dock window in which tools are listed for use with the active document. Depending the the type of the active document (i.e. either a data table or graph), the tools contained in the ToolBox automatically change. This feature makes it possible for DataScene to maintain a very clean and context-sensitive user interface.

The Messages Window

The Messages Window is a dock window used by DataScene to output various run-time information, which include calculation results, warnings, and errors.

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