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Data Analysis with the DS Program

DataScene (DS) allows the user to easily analyze and process data in tabular forms using its inter-table manipulation feature and its powerful math parser. The program also allows the user to easily analyze and process data plotted in graphs and charts with various series functions.

Table ManipulationsColumn Formula Editor

Tabular data are stored in DS as one or more tables that are similar to spreadsheets used in Microsoft® Excel. The user can use column and cell formulas to analyze these tabular data. A formula can be built using the 57 built-in mathematical and string functions. A unique feature of the program is that related tables (e.g., a series of similar data taken at different times in an experiment) can be organized into a single sequence that can be readily plotted and made into chart animations for presenting in web pages and Microsoft® PowerPoint.   

The program's math parser stores 20 built-in fundamental physical and mathematical constants, which facilitates scientific and engineering users to easily input formulas using these constants.

Series Functions

FFT FiltersData plotted in graphs and charts can be readily analyzed and processed using various series functions. A series function associate one series (e.g. Line, Bar, Pie, etc) to another with a defined mathematical relation. The program supports 20 series functions, some of which contains one more multiple variations:

Multi-peak Gaussian FitThe program's series functions are automatically recalculated upon any change of the data sources. Series functions are robust and smart. For instance, they support automatic interpolation of the source data if the program determines it is necessary to do so (e.g., in the case of FFT where the input data points are not equally spaced).

Ease of Use

The program comes with a user friendly Wizard, as well as tutorials and context-sensitive help. With the Wizard, it takes only few minutes for a new user to learn to analyze and process data with the program.



Video Tutorial on Curve Fitting


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